CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) / Heat pumps with scroll compressors

Cool Side

General Features

COOLSIDE is a multi-split system with surrounding air intake and delivery and it is RC GROUP answer to the demands for air conditioning of new generation computer rooms and server farms. COOLSIDE means extremely high cooling density (up to 25 kW on 0.3 m2 of surface) modular design and auto adaptive logic, managed by the MP.COM Microprocessor, and it is the best partner for blade servers architectures and high heat density equipment. These features, together with the quality and the reliability of RC GROUP, make COOLSIDE the ideal system for air conditioning of telephone exchanges, data banks, Internet hotels, server farms and all high heat density structures.


No need of ducts or plenum under the raised floor with a COOLSIDE system. The COOLSIDE units are installed between the racks to be cooled, sucking out warm air (coming from the racks) in the rear part, or hot aisle, and delivering it (once cooled) from the frontal side, in the so called cold aisle, from which the equipment can suck it for cooling. This means easy and quick installation and it is ideal also in case of retrofit and upgrade of existing and defined structures.


The units inspection is very easy even in highly populated server rooms, thanks to the fully removable paneling, to the complete frontal access, to the hinged electric box and to the supporting legs with wheels (optional accessory).

Double Power Supply System

The double power supply system, net + UPS (+48VDC) grants working continuity even during mains power failures.