Air Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

EAGLE liquid chillers allow to meet all air-conditioning requirements in residential, commercial and hi-tech applications, as well as in the post industrial sector. These machines are available in a full range of dimensions, models and versions, with a rich variety of accessories and optional, so that they can become the ideal solution for installation in office buildings, public buildings, trade centres, industrial buildings, wine-cellars as well as for a variety of other applications in the hi-tech and process sector. EAGLE liquid chillers use R410A refrigerant and new generation scroll compressors, designed to fully exploit this new gas, in terms of performances and noise reduction.
Low noise levels, with the possibility of selecting either the silenced range or the extremely low noise ELN range. This allows you to select the machine you want also from the acoustic standpoint, in addition to the heating/cooling capacity, and to meet the strictest requirements in terms of protection against sound emissions.

Two energy efficiency levels

Single refrigeration circuit and several compressors are in parallel. This version makes it possible to achieve high-energy efficiency during partial load working mode (S version)
Double refrigeration circuit, marked by energy efficiency in line with the top levels of the industry (D version)

IDEA® defrosting system

“Patented” defrosting system with dynamic reading of working parameters. Thanks to proprietary software it senses the real presence of brine on the coil starting defrosting cycles only in that situation. This brings a remarkable energy saving (more than 20-30% on the average) and a higher working continuity compared with traditional systems.