Water Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

The wide range of cooling capacity, from 127 kW to more than 4100 kW, and the several available versions (only cooling, heat pump, motoevaporating), allow the FRIGO chillers range the use of three different types of compressor. Indeed, they can be equipped with reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressors, operating with shell and tube / welded plate type

Liquid Chillers in "A" Energy Class

The FRIGO.TURBO series is characterized by its high-energy efficiency, even when working at partial load, thanks to the special compressor installed in these units.
The FRIGO.TURBO liquid chillers are provided with an innovative two-stage centrifugal compressor with motor shaft and impellers equipped with magnetic levitation bearings that deliver revolutionary features and benefits compared to the traditional machines available in the market.
The magnetic levitation bearings eliminate the presence of oil inside the compressor and consequently inside the refrigerant circuit, while the compressor electric motor is controlled by an inverter, obtaining a continues cooling capacity variation from 20 to 100%.