Air Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

The GLIDER units are a complete range including liquid chillers and heat pumps, with high energy efficiency and reduced operating costs, granting an efficacious answer to the today’s needs of “comfort” and hi-tech air conditioning as well as in the industrial process cooling. Developed with the most advanced 3D-CAD software, GLIDER chillers are available in two brand new cabinet types (for a more rational internal layout), an extremely innovative condenser fan section and the state of the art of electrical, electronics and refrigerating components.


GLIDER chillers stand out for the high efficiency of the whole series with EER values always superior to 3,1 A- Class energy ratio, in agreement with EECCAC (Energy Efficiency and Certification of Central Air Conditioning).

IDEA® defrosting system

GLIDER.HP version
“Patented” defrosting system with dynamic reading of working parameters. Thanks to proprietary software it senses the real presence of brine on the coil starting defrosting cycles only in that situation. This brings a remarkable energy saving (more than 20-30% on the average) and a higher working continuity compared with traditional systems.


GLIDER chillers are equipped with direct driven axial fans, coupled to 6-poles electric motors and protected by special safety mesh. Units with “F” cabinet use the same type of fans, but are inclined in the horizontal axis.

This innovative solution has also highlighted the following advantages:

  • uniform air distribution over the complete condenser coil
  • reduction of hot air recirculation
  • low noise emission


The GLIDER FREE series is a type of liquid chillers equipped with a built-in additional coil making Free Cooling using the outdoor air as cooling media. The free-cooling system installed on these chillers has been designed and applied by RC GROUP for the first time in the early 70’s and the today’s series is the result of more than 30 years experience. These chillers allow to achieve remarkable energy savings when installed in cold and temperate climate zones.