CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) / Heat pumps with scroll compressors

Heat Hunter

General Features

The HEAT HUNTER air conditioners, with displacement air distribution, are the air conditioning spearhead solution for telephone exchanges, Internet hotels applications and electronic appliances high concentration rooms, for the electric consumption optimization in these specific ambients. Neither ductworks nor raised floor are necessary for the air distribution. HEAT HUNTER, in combination with RC Group Free- Cooling chillers, forms the SOLUTION patented system, for energy saving optimization in presence of Hi-Tech plants with variable flow.

Displacement air delivery (DL)

The air-conditioning system with displacement air delivery is based on the principle that the air is distributed at a very low speed, while enabling a cooling effect by convection. The displacement system creates a cushion of cold air at the floor level, thanks to proprietary COLDLAYER technology, which is available for all the equipment installed in the room, and can reach also the equipment located in critical positions, thanks to patented AIR-RAIL® injectors. Every electronic equipment will “absorb” the amount of cold required to maintain a correct temperature level inside, through a natural convection effect. The greater the load inside the electronic equipment, the greater this effect. Therefore, every electronic equipment uses only the amount required to dissipate its own thermal load, which is generated by maximising the result and the energy efficiency of the system.

AIR-RAIL® System

System patented by RC, consisting of a series of aerodynamic inductors, to optimise the laminar air flow in the actual conditions of installation and positioning.

MISTRAL® control logic

The real displacement motor is the difference in air temperature between a room’s ceiling and floor. To ensure the system operates correctly, this difference must remain constant under all operating conditions. The MISTRAL® (Modulating control of Indoor Stratification Layer) control logic used by HEAT HUNTER makes it possible to reach this objective. This is achieved by precisely timed integrated control of the refrigerated supply, i.e. both the air flow rate and the power of the heat exchange unit are varied. The MISTRAL® control logic, wholly developed at RC GROUP’s Research and Development office, is protected by international patent.