Water Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

MANTA is the new series of water-cooled chillers / heat pumps from RC Group. This new series stands out as a top solution in comfort applications and in the tertiary sector. Office buildings, shopping centers, ... are some of the typical situation where MANTA chillers can be installed: applications where reduced dimensions, reliability and silentness are fundamental. High efficiency at partial loads, single/double circuit versions and an extremely wide selection of optional accessories make MANTA units fully customizable, to match any system and project. The MANTA liquid chillers use R410A refrigerant and new generation scroll compressors, designed to fully exploit this new gas, in terms of performances and noise reduction
Compact dimensions, limited weights, easy transport and handling to shorten installation time. Many models can be transported in common lifts and cross standard doors without any difficulty.

IDEA® defrosting system

MANTA.A.P version “Patented” defrosting system with dynamic reading of working parameters. Thanks to proprietary software it senses the real presence of brine on the coil starting defrosting cycles only in that situation. This brings a remarkable energy saving (more than 20-30% on the average) and a higher working continuity compared with traditional systems.

Water/water heat pump

The MANTA.W.P. version is a water cooled heat pump chiller, with reverse cycle on refrigerant. This proposal allows to avoid the inversion on the hydraulic circuit, making easy the installation and the water distribution.

Two energy efficiency levels

Single refrigeration circuit and several compressors in parallel. This version makes it possible to achieve high energy efficiency during partial load working mode (S version).
Double refrigeration circuit, marked by an energy efficiency in line with the top levels of the industry (D version).