Air Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

The wide range of cooling capacity, from 21 to 1079 kW and the available versions, make possible the use and the combination of different components on the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits in the REVERSO heat pumps range. Indeed, they can be equipped with scroll and reciprocating type compressors; plate and shell and tube type evaporators; axial and centrifugal type fans.
The REVERSO heat pump chillers series are the ideal solution for all those applications where the air conditioning is needed all year long, cooling in summer and heating in winter.
The peculiarity of the RC GROUP heat pumps is the IDEA® defrosting system.
The components completeness together with the wide range of available optional accessories allow very quick and easy installation operations; the units simply need electrical and hydraulic connections.

IDEA® defrosting system

“Patented” defrosting system with dynamic reading of working parameters. Thanks to proprietary software it senses the real presence of brine on the coil starting defrosting cycles only in that situation. This brings a remarkable energy saving (more than 20-30% on the average) and a higher working continuity compared with traditional systems.