Air Cooled Multifunction Chillers


General Features

TRILOGY, multifunction liquid chillers range produced with R410A refrigerant, represents the best solution, in a single package, for all those air conditioning applications requiring simultaneous production of chilled water, hot water for heating and sanitary water all year long. Some of possible end-users are hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centres.
First in its kind on the market, the TRILOGY multifunction chillers range features compact dimensions, low noise level, high energy saving, wide range of optional accessories.

IDEA® defrosting system

“Patented” defrosting system with dynamic reading of working parameters. Thanks to proprietary software it senses the real presence of brine on the coil starting defrosting cycles only in that situation. This brings a remarkable energy saving (more than 20-30% on the average) and a higher working continuity compared with traditional systems.


The microprocessor control system MP.COM allows the units to communicate with all the standard protocols of the sector: modBus/JBus, lon, tcp/ip, Bacnet, trend, gsm.