Air Cooled Multifunction Chillers


General Features

The TRIPACK series completes the RC GROUP multifunction chillers range. These units are ideal when there is abundancy of freshwater (well, lake, ground waters) and has been designed for all the applications where there is a need for chilled, hot and sanitary water everyday of the year. The TRIPACK series uses R410A refrigerant and new generation scroll compressors, designed to fully exploit this new gas, in terms of performances and noise reduction.

Heavy Duty Construction

Thanks to their design and to the choice of materials and components, that reflect the policies followed for the machines meant for critical environments, where they are required to operate 24/7/365. In this way, continuous and regular operation of the machines is ensured under any load conditions.


The microprocessor control system MP.COM allows the units to communicate with all the standard protocols of the sector: modBus/JBus, lon, tcp/ip, Bacnet, trend, gsm

Heat Exchangers

TRIPACK units are equipped with three gas/water heat exhangers: system side: for chilled water (summer mode) and hot water (winter mode) source side: for close or open circuits total heat reclaim: for hot sanitary water

Working Logic

The TRIPACK is a water cooled, heat pump liquid chiller for the production of chilled water, hot water and hot sanitary water (multifunction). In working condition 2, the production of chilled water and hot sanitary water is simultaneous. In working condition n.4, the unit gives priority to the sanitary water production. Only when this priority is satisfied the system starts automatically to produce hot water for heating.