Air Cooled Liquid Chillers


General Features

The wide range of cooling capacity, from 21 to 1475 kW and the available versions, make possible the use and the combination of different components on the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits in the UNICO chillers range. Indeed, they can be equipped with scroll, reciprocating and centrifugal type compressors; plate and shell and tube type evaporators; axial and centrifugal type fan. The high-energy efficiency is granted by a general design that foresees an independent refrigeration circuit for each compressor installed on the unit. The components completeness together with the wide range of available optional accessories allows very quick and easy installation operations; the units simply need electrical and hydraulic connections.

“A” Class Energy Efficiency Version

The UNICO.TURBO series is characterized by its high energy efficiency, even when working at partial loads, thanks to the special compressor installed in these units. The UNICO.TURBO liquid chillers are provided with an innovative two-stage centrifugal compressor with magnetic levitation bearings providing deliver revolutionary features and benefits compared to the traditional machines available in the market. First of all, the magnetic levitation bearings eliminate the presence of oil inside the compressor and consequently inside the refrigerant circuit, while the compressor electric motor is controlled by an inverter, obtaining a continuous cooling capacity variation from 20 to 100%. The cooling capacity is controlled also by the movable inlet guide vane system on the compressor’s suction port that diverts the angle of the gas entering the impeller as needed. This allows to follow with considerable accuracy the trend of system thermal load.